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Clearly, at Waterdown Denture Clinic, we can provide you with the highest-quality dentures available today. But what about our services after the treatment is completed? At Waterdown Denture Clinic, we are committed to providing ongoing support and answering any questions you may have about your oral health or dentures.

Before You Leave the Office

At your Denture Insertion appointment, Waterdown Denture Clinic will provide you with “denture care” instructions and “sore spots and adjustments” literature – along with a denture box, denture brush and cleaning product sample. Our patient coordinator will give you verbal instructions and will address any questions or concerns you might have at that time. You will be given a “post-insertion follow up” appointment to ensure a comfortable transition to your new denture.

Recall and Recare – Why is a Recare Appointment Necessary?

Your dentures are important to the way you look and feel. That’s why it’s important to maintain dentures and ensure they perform optimally so that you can perform at your best!

A regular check-up with your Denturist is the most effective way to get the care and attention you deserve. For this reason, your treatment coordinator will touch base with you when you are due for your yearly oral check or recare appointment. The following recare regimen is recommended:

  • Reline– every 2 years
  • New dentures (partial or full) – every 5 years
  • Oral check-up– every year

Over time, your mouth goes through considerable changes. Tissue shrinkage and loss of underlying bone (resorption) on which your dentures rest will occur. The denture you are wearing now was made and adjusted to fit your mouth at a particular time in your life. With passing years, your mouth changes considerably, as well as your dentures wear out. This can change your ability to bite, your speech and your appearance. You can always count on Waterdown Denture Clinic for relines or necessary alterations to your dentures.

What to Expect During Your Recare Visit

Your Waterdown Denture Clinic staff will do the following at your recare visit:

  • Update your dental and medical history
  • Conduct an intra-oral examination (including cancer screening)
  • Check the integrity of your denture (identify cracks, chips, scratches and worn or loose teeth)
  • Check the esthetics, stability and the bite
  • Discuss options available to you based on your needs
  • Review oral hygiene and denture care
  • Clean and polish your dentures, if required

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