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Located in the heart of Waterdown, Ontario, Waterdown Denture Clinic® is staffed by caring, friendly professionals with extensive experience in the field. Denturist is a primary healthcare provider who works directly with the public, both independently and as a member of a clinical team.

Stay Healthier

Jaws without teeth can undergo bone shrinkage, causing trouble chewing, substandard esthetics and possibly TMJ pain. If you already have dentures, let us make sure they’re a comfortable fit!

We are a patient- centered practice and our focus is on doing what’s right for the patient in accordance with the highest ethical standards of the profession.

Look Younger

More importantly, given that 85% of people believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing, it’s important to take full advantage of this asset. Don’t let missing teeth (or that “caved-in” look) negatively affect the impression you make on others. All types of removable dental prostheses offered at Waterdown Denture Clinic® provide significant anti-aging results.

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Let us help you get the smile and facial look that you have always desired! Call us today to schedule an appointment and get a free 30-minute consultationLooking for a Denturist in Burlington?

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